CHEMGROUP SA is a major conglomerate with multiple subsidiaries with operations in the chemical, lubricants, fuel and detergents industries since 1986. Through our engineering expertise, manufacturing and Toll blending capabilities, Chemgroup SA continues to deliver industry expertise and unparalleled operational excellence globally. Our Toll blending manufacturing facilities, refineries and chemical sites span a wide range of industries. 


Our team includes highly qualified Chemical Engineers, Technologists, Researchers and Scientists, Development Managers, Production Planners and skilled staff.


Our vision is to be the  leading business engineering and manufacturing company in Africa while satisfying our customer’s expectations. 


To manufacture premium products that meets international regulatory standards, and to supply technology driven products, at competitive prices while growing our business and ensuring sustainability for all our stakeholders.

Throughout our business operations, Chemgroup SA is committed to:

  • Protecting the environment
  •  Applying best practice at every level
  • Implementing stringent quality control measures
  • Making efficient use of energy sources
  • Ensuring a healthy working environment for our members of staff


  • Toll blending
  • Manufacturing
  • Blowmoulding & packaging
  • Petrochemical storage-Tank farms
  • Bulk distribution of Jet Fuel, Marine Fuel, Diesel and Race Fuels
  • Bulk distribution of specialty Chemicals & Solvents
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Domestic and Industrial Detergent manufacturing